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'Save as PDF' Browser Extension

Convert any web page to PDF with this bookmarklet for your browser

1 Press Ctrl+Shift+B to show the Bookmarks bar.

2 Drag the button below to your browser's Bookmarks Bar.

3 You're done! Now load a web page in your browser and click the 'Save as PDF' bookmark to convert it to a PDF document.

เปลี่ยน HTML เป็น PDF อย่างไร

Below we show how to convert web pages to PDF documents

Step 1: Paste your web page URLs

Multiple web pages can be converted at a time. Paste each URL on a separate line.

Step 2: Save PDF results

Click Convert HTML to PDF and wait until processing completes. Then press Download and save your PDF documents.

Ready to convert web pages to PDF? Let's go!

Convert web page to PDF

เพิ่มลิ้งค์ 'บันทึกลงไฟล์ PDF' ในเว็บเพจ

Have a website? Let your visitors save your website's pages as PDF

Copy the code snippet below to your website:

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